Not only two, all BJP Ministers should go: Harsh


Admonishing BJP for its ‘cowardice andits greed of power’, Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman J&K National Panthers Party(JKNPP) and former Minister ridiculed the pusillanimity of saffron party inforcing its two Ministers to quit who had made public promise to transfer theRasana murder case from J&K Police to CBI in conformity with the people’swishes.

He said that by its servile lame duckposturing, the BJP had once again proved that it could make any compromise toremain ‘glued to power’.

In a press conference here today, Harsh Devreminded the BJP of its tall assurance of CBI probe in the aftermath of AsifaBano case and statements made by its four official spokespersons in a jointpress conference on April 8 questioning credibility of the Crime Branch team.

Harsh Dev said that people were amazedto see the saffron leaders changing colours like chameleon.

“Mehbooba’s threat to part ways in casethe BJP persisted with its CBI demand, worked so effectively that the saffronparty lost no time in seeking resignations of its two Ministers,” he rued.

“Not only that the ‘more loyal than theking’ Dy.CM invariably made a statement hailing the Crime Branch and expressinghis satisfaction over the investigations and adding further that those notsatisfied with the probe could go wherever they like,” Harsh maintained.

In his desperation to please his Master,the ‘henpecked’ deputy of Mehbooba did not realize that dissatisfaction withthe probe arose largely from District Kathua which had given him and his partya massive unprecedented mandate.

Flaying the BJP leaders for their gross betrayals and successivesurrenders over Jammu related issues, Harsh Dev said that not merely two butall BJP Ministers must resign as it alone could pacify the highly agitatedpublic of this region. He said that the BJP’s earlier surrenders includingthose over the issues of amnesty to stone pelters, job policy and ex-gratia toNOKs of slain stone pelters, amnesty to political prisons, shelving of SainikColonies project and separate KP township schemes in Kashmir, re-naming of HariParbhat as ‘Kohi-maran’, issue of Art 370 and 35A, biased approach of staterecruitment agencies including PSC and SSB had sparked massive outrage in Jammuduring the last 2-3 years with gheraos of Ministers and display of black flagsin their meetings having become a routine feature. He said that growing publicunrest was the cumulative effect of multiple surrenders of the BJP andsymbolized peoples contempt and revulsion against saffron rulers.

“Mehbooba Mufti has become all powerful in the State politicsand is dictating terms to BJP Ministers as well,” said Harsh.

“It is her writthat runs. She looms large over the unholy BJP-PDP combine like a colossus. TheBJP Ministers have no say at all. She makes them grovel. These Ministers areacting as mere heralds and postal messengers of Mehbooba. They can’t exceedtheir brief. They are duty bound to obey their master and act as per herdictations. Do such Ministers have a right to continue and represent the Dograswho have scripted sages of valour and self less sacrifice?” questioned Harsh.

He also said that with Jammu having been pushed to terminaldecline and its peoples’ self pride having been bartered away by these selfish leaders,the BJP had lost its right to govern for all time to come.

He furthersought the resignations of all BJP Ministers.

Gagan Partap Singh,State Secretary JKNPP and Parshotam Parihar, State Secretary Panthers TradeUnion were also present in the press conference.